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Subscriber Bribe

Hey Salty, what's the deal!

Well simple, subscribe and contribute $1/week (AUD $52/year) and I'll send ya a free CD from our great blues/roots artists, anywhere in the world. And I'll throw in some stickers, postcard, and a kool badge for yer jacket

Each year you renew, you can request one additional CD from the current stock - just shoot me an email when the subscription goes through and I'll get to it asap.

This is the only income we get for doing the show - so come on and help us keep bringing this great music and interviews your way.

That's great value for AUD $52 and you get to support good music, great artists and a warm fuzzy feeling as well...

Of course, you can still listen whenever you want as a free rider, if that's your thing!

Note: When you subscribe with PAYPAL the reference will be "Salty Dog Blues N Roots Podcast" under Ability Associates Australia Pty Ltd. (Salty's Company Name).  *** Offer updated 19 March 2014

After you subscribe with PAYPAL, just contact me here and let me know the CD/DVD you want from the current stock.

Jack Derwin - Rocking On A Calm Sea Jack Derwin - Rocking On A Calm Sea Sydney's Mr Cool has produced another fine series of modern urban blues. Last years effort charted in the top 5 for months, and this one is headed the same. Singer, songwriter, acoustic guitar, dobro - some really great twists and turns . Dig it!. (2 only, thanks Jack!)
Greg Dodd & Taildraggers - 3AM Live Greg Dodd & Hoodoo Men - 3AM Live An absolute craka debut from this class blues act from downunder. #1 on the Oz Blues N Roots Chart March 2014, and headed for greatness. Dan Dinnen on vox and harp, Dodd on guitar makes for a fine opening ambit. (2 only)
Endless Boogie - Long Island Endless Boogie - Long Island Crazy Horse on speed! "They churn, whipping their monastic crudity (yapping-hound riffs; stern, straight rhythms) into a triple­guitar lava of eccentric precedents" Rolling Stone Mag. This one has 'Occult Banker' & 'On Cryology' - you can't look away Dawgr's! Better than therapy. (1 only, be quick)
Dyson Stringer Cloher - EP Dyson Stringer Cloher - EP A rare first outing for this fabulous trio. After sold out Oz tour in 2013, they are about to hit Byron Bluesfest and the road again. Three great artiists with world class material - a force of nature! (1 only)
Gov't Mule - Shout! Gov't Mule - Shout! The latest from the masters of modern jam blues. Includes one CD of new Mule, plus a second CD of the same songs done by guest artists incl Dr John, Ben Harper, Elvis Costello, Dave Matthews etc What can we say, fabulous! (1 only)
Rod Paine N Fulltime Lovers - Mixed Bag Rod Paine N Fulltime Lovers - Mixed Bag Sent by the MBAS from Melbourne To Memphis to drop down lowdown, dirty and smokin blues at the IBC (International Blues Challenge) in Jan 2014. This is a bag of live cuts that is as Chicago as a Southside Johnny! Yeah (1 only, thanks Rod)
Dustin Perkins - Words Dustin Perkins - Words Perkins represents the Tex-Next genre of young artists combining traditional blues-rock Texas Music with a contemporary spirit. Rootsy and raw with style. It's on the show, grab yer own copy here. Thanls Dustin! (2 only)
Barrence Whitfield - Dig Thy Savage Soul Barrence Whitfield - Dig Thy Savage Soul  "I hadn't heard from Barrence in a while...I have now. Don't "Turn Your Damper Down"...Turn it up!" - Elvis Costello (1 only baby, git it)
Johnny Cass Band - Tombstone Bullets Johnny Cass Band - Tombstone Bullets This what the Dawg says "Cass has ripped out a fantastic piece of work. If you need a slice of real roots, Johnny is your man. Lyrical writing held together with heady backbeats and guitar wizardry. Dig it!" (1 left, 1st to Jeff Good in Virginia USA, 2nd to Gary Hook in PA, USA - and thanks Johnny for helping out)
Watermelon Slim - Bull Goose Rooster Watermelon Slim & The Workers- Bull Goose Rooster The 2013 studio release (after 4 years) for Watermelon and the Workers. A rip roaring tour of duty for the boys, guaranteed! Don't miss this one tone hounds. (1st to  Brett in WA, 1 left only)
Stovetop - Three Stovetop - Three The latest release from these pedigree Australia roots, funk style leaders. Sim Martin Guitars, Simon Burke Key/Vox & George Servanis Drums. This is hard to find tone hounds, and donated to subscribers by the band. You've heard how good this is on the show, so don't wait. (1st to Harold in Melbourne, 2nd to Adam Carr in Perth, 1 only left)
Son Volt - Honky Tonk Son Volt - Honky Tonk Headed by Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo - Tweedie started Wilco) this Son Volt outing is getting rave reviews. If yer like yer country on the roots side, grab it (1 only)
STORMCELLAR Hired Guns N Borrowed Glory STORMCELLAR Hired Guns N Borrowed Glory On top of the Australian Blues N Roots Charts for two months in a row late 2012 Dawgr's. The first official OZICANA Band, and you will love it! (1st to Tim Ellis in Tasmania, 2nd to David in Concord NSW, 1 in stock, thanks to MB!)
Paul Thorn - What The Hell is Goin On? Paul Thorn - What The Hell is Goin On? Thorn has assembled a collection of mostly unheralded songs that felt to him like he could have written them. The result is a collection of diverse tunes-penned by a range of writers from Buddy Miller and Allen Toussaint to Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks. Ex boxer, roots with a style his own. Often on the show, and real nice! (1 only)
Claude Hay - I Love Hate You Claude Hay - I Love Hate You The latest (2012) from the downunder sensation driving roots boogie machine. He love/hates his travellting van, and all those days on the road have delivered Hay's style to heaps of fans, both in Oz, USA and Eurpoe. It's a cracker. (1 only)
Chuck Berry - Is On Top Chuck Berry - Is On Top A reissue of the man's 1959 classic, with 12 rock and rollers for the history books. Carol, Maybelle, Johnny B Goode, Little Queenie. An esential for the blues/roots collector. (1 only)
Little Feat -  First Five Albums (Boxed Set) Little Feat - First Five Albums (Boxed Set) The Dawg has grabbed these for fans / subscribers of the show while still available. Five CD box set containing a quintet of original albums from the most influencial blues/roots bands ever - how about Dixie Chicken, Feats Don't Fail Me Now, Little Feat, Sailin' Shoes and The Last Record Album. Counts as (1) CD's for subscribers while they last. (first 3 gone - 1st to Billy Spazante in California, 2nd to Nick Sallnow-Smith in Hong Kong, 3rd to Laura Lovell from Georgia USA) (... another out to Mark Gishen in Aldgate SA, and another to Andrew Kruger in Melbourne, and to Keith Alyard in Ireland, and to Darrly Gundry in Waragul, and to Chris Treiber in Michigan, and again to Robert in Denistone NSW) (1 only left FEATS DON"T FAIL ME!!)
Jerry Douglas - Traveler Jerry Douglas - Traveler
“Jerry’s my favourite musician, and I’m including Otis Redding and Elvis in that.”—John Fogerty
"An unprecedented journey into American Music from a 'matchless contemporary master'" - The New York Times
… with ring-ins: Bela Fleck, Dr. John, Eric Clapton. Released June 2012 (2 only)
Back Joe Lewis N The Honeybears - Tell Em What Your Name Is Back Joe Lewis N The Honeybears - Tell Em What Your Name Is What a debut!! Funky, gutbucket soul music is back! Not the canned, overblown, and ersatz junk you hear on TV singing contests and sitcoms but true 60's style R&B. It's pretty much funky soul all the way through, with a few blues tunes, including a Yardbirds style rave up and a Fat Possum-like Mississippi hill country droner, tossed in for good measure. Miss it and miss out! (1 only)
Muddy Waters - Folk Singer Muddy Waters - Folk Singer Muddy Waters started out playing acoustic blues in the Delta, and it shows on this return to his roots, designed to appeal to the mid-1960s surge of interest in folk music. The back of the CD includes a photo of Waters with bassist and songwriter Willie Dixon, as well as a very young Buddy Guy. This CD reissue includes five bonus tracks, including "The Same Thing" and "Short Dress Woman". (1 only)
Alex Hallahan - Human Veins Alex Hallahan - Human Veins ‘Exquisitely played and produced, Hallahan’s second album is earnest and gentle. At first listen, the songs float by – like “a cool breeze blowing above the heat”. But repeated spins reveal the songwriting strength.’ - Jeff Jenkins, Stack
'The album is great…. a bit Martin Sexton, a bit Steve Earl all rolled in together' – Salty Dog Blues N Roots
Well, that's the Dawg recommendo, need more? (2 only, thanks Alex)
Bill Jackson - Jeridlerie Bill Jackson - Jeridlerie Bill's latest, as heard on the show. Recorded in Nashville and a cracker alt. country release! Signed by Bill... (1 only, thanks Bill)
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