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Welcome to our latest certified tone hounds from across the globe...

heaps to add here... will update soon Dawgrs, thank for the support - you know who you are! 30 Nov 09

on my TODO lists - real soon now: March 2010

Jeannine Martinez, California, USA What a winner. Andy Cowan's "10:30 Thursdays" and Joe Louis Walker's "Silvertone Blues' is on the move to the US of A. Thanks JG, muchly.
Robyn Leichhardt, NSW, Australia Robyn fessed up and kicked in with the Dawg! BAR#6 and Roy Rogers 'Slideways' is headin to convict state! Yikes! Thanks heaps RR.
Cheryl Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia Thanks Cheryl for the support. Bobby Lounges' live thing 'Bobby's Back In Town' and the BAR#6 are headed to the outback. Cookin' in the Alice!
Fred San Francisco, California, USA Got your Paypal Subscription mate! Click on 'Contact Salty' and let me know which CD's you want shipped over. Thanks again.
Stephen Oak Park, Victoria, Australia Stephen grabbed that copy of John Hammond's 'Push Comes To Shove' and the fabulotocis Wilson Pickers 'Land of the Powerful Owl'. Good thing!
Christopher Ypsilanti, Michigan, USA Chris says he's new to this kinda thing, but he's hooked! Two surprise CD's, posters and stickers are headed to Michigan. Onya mate!
Mark Leichhardt, NSW, Australia Mark has kicked in with some cyber vibe! Took Liz Stringer's "Pendulum" and the Wilson Pickers "Land of the Powerful Owl". On a winner here mate!
Paul Lismore, NSW, Australia Paul found the Dawg and loved what he heard. Thanks Paul! A copy of Liz Stringer's ' Pendulum' and David Vidal's 'Americana Blues' is now in Lismore, northern NSW. Great!
Nick Hanley Castle, Worcester, United Kingdom Nick has been tracking the Dawg for some time, then took the bride! A great deal with Ruthie Foster's latest 'The Truth...' and David Vidal's 'Americana Blues' Dig it!
Darryl Warragul, Victoria, Australia Darryl has registered as the latest Dawg'r with Ruthie Foster's "Truth According To..." and Rocky Jackson's "Squeeze Here". Too much for ya average gagoops! WTF. Thanks mate.
Trevor Beacon Hill, NSW, Australia Trevor certified hisself as a tone hound, now the pround owner of Eric Bibbs 'Diamond Days' and Miss Candice 'I Won't Stand For Sittin Down'. Trevor Cook also does political blog for indie media Crickey.com.au, so check em out. (Dawg is a subscriber over there too.) Thanks mate!
Stewart Aberdeen, United Kingdom Stew is an expat working in the UK. Listens in the air!! Stew took the last of the first Liz Stringer CD (self titled) and the new one from The Wilson Pickers 'Land Of The Powerful Owl' Thanks heaps.
Mary Lindenhurst, Ilinios, USA Thanks Mary for your great support of the show. Still waiting to hear which CD's you are after...Salty
Martin Blackburn, Victoria, Australia Martin took The Abitians 'New Mardi Gras Classics' and the 'Los Fabuluos' newie. Nice choice mate! Now a certified Tone Hound.
Daniel Steubenville, Ohio, USA Daniel was real quick to grab the Roy Rogers LIVE CD. This is somethin special Dawgr's. Dig it mate!
Matt Fatty Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia Matt took Bobby Lounge 'Live' and Smoke Ring Days 'Songs of Simple Dreams' No chewin the fat for Matt! Good one mate!
Eric Seaview Downs, South Australia Eric's got that warm fuzzy thing Dawgr's... he took the Ashley Davies 'Muscle Drum 2' and Andy Cowan's 'Anthology' Dig it mate! Another certified tone hound!
Reuben Atlanta, Georgia, USA After downloading the Dawg for some time, Reuben converted to a certified tone hound and joined the long subscriber list! Onya Reuben! We sent the 'New Mardi Classics' and 'BAR Vol 5' off to Atlanta.
Robert New Town, Tasmania, Australia Robert wanted some great harp playing, so he took the rare and 'out of print' "Short Cool Ones" by Chris Wilson and Diesel. This is some treat Dawgr's. Nice one Bob...
John Mount Coolum, Queensland, Australia John trimmed the Dawg's cut yet again and took the bribe from the Sunshine Coast. We sent out Jackson Browne's latest 'Time The Conqueror' and Jo Kelly Stephenson's award winner 'I See Flowers, You See Cars' Cool thing!
Peter Fairfield, Victoria, Australia Peter gave Salty a hair cut, and took the new 40% down deal! What a gas. Pete got Otis Taylor's "Recapturing The Banjo" and The Audrey's "Between Last Night And Us" Fantastic!
Michael Lenox, Massachusetts, USA Michael also took the enhanced bribe in Oct 08 and got three CD's - Fred Eaglesmith's 'Tinderbox', Davis Coen's 'Blues Lights For Yours and Mine' and Eric Bibb's 'Diamond Days'. Just got in for this deal! Thanks again mate.
David Aldgate, South Australia, Australia David took the mega 3 CD special deal in October, and got the Buddy Guy 'Skin Deep', Ashley Davies 'Muscle Drum Music 2', and Liz Stringer's first self titled CD. What a bag full!! Thanks mate!
Garry Lindfield, New South Wales, Australia Garry took the enhanced bribe in Oct 08 and got three CD's - Anne McCue's 'East of Electric', The Audrey's 'Between Last Night and Us' and Bobby Lounge 'Somethin's Wrong'. What a deal! Thanx Gaza!
Geoff Eastwood, New South Wales, Australia Geoff grabbed the last one of Kara Grainger's 'Grand and Green River' and Geoff Achison's 'Souldiggin Live' for his collection. Sweet! Thanx Geoff for gettin wid da Dawg.
John Aspendale, Victoria, Australia John took the bribe in style. A copy of Ben Smith's 'Sometimes Always Never' and Eric Gale's 'The Psychedelic Underground' is in his machine! Good one mate.
Mark Acacia Gardens, New South Wales, Australia Mark selected some fabulous new blues n roots from Kara Grainger 'Grand and Green River', and Davis Coen's 'Blues Lights For Yours and Mine' Cookin stuff mate!
Greg Elwood, Victoria, Australia Greg took that plunge and there's a copy of Kara Grainger's 'Grand and Green River' and Lisa Miller's 'Morning In The Bowl Of Night' headin across town. Showin some great style Greg! Onya.
Pete Evanston Park, South Australia, Australia Ben Smith's "Sometimes Always Never" and Karl Brodies "One Million Emeralds" is/are bound for South Australia. Another fine and certified tone hound.. great stuff Pete!
Geoff Wynn Vale, South Australia, Australia Geoff has got that tone hound habit, and passed on some of the folding stuff. Thanks heaps Geoff. We sent the BAR Vol5 Oz Blues compilation and the last copy of the Dave Mann Collective's 'Heart Over Mind'
Terry Perth, Western Australia, Australia Terry took the plunge and signed up to the Dawg! Dig it mate! We sent the Jon Cleary 'Pin Your Spin' and the Dave Mann Collective's 'Heart Over Mind' over to the west.
Chris Woonona, New South Wales, Australia Chris says he's logged on n streamin it down! Chris got the last Kara Grainger and also the Jon Cleary N Absolute Monster Gentlemen self titled thing. Thanks heaps for supportin the Dawg Chris!!
Geoff Bass Hill, New South Wales, Australia Geoff says thanks for the excellent work. We say thanks Geoff for supportin the Dawg! Geoff got a copy of Chris Jurgensen's “Big Bad Sun” and the North Mississippi Allstars "Shake Hands With Shorty"...cause he asked for it! Onya Geoff.
Colin Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Col took the plunge and is now a certified tone hound - and gets his poison from the Salty Dog cellars in Coolum - Yikes! Col got the Jon Cleary 'Pin Your Spin' and Eric Bibb's 'Diamond Days' CD's. Thanx Col.
Keith County Kerry,
Keith says: "...love the show". Keith used to share a beer with Shannon Bourne at the Drunken Poets, West Melbourne when in Oz. He took the bribe and scored the last copy of Bill Jackson's 'Diggin The Roots' and Ben Smith's 'Sometimes Always Never'. Thanks mate!
Amy and Andy Mt Vernon, Washington State Amy says: "I just joined as a birthday gift for my boyfriend - he loves your show! Especially the PUSH show with John Hammond and both the FAVS of 2007. He tells everyone about the show - to the point I think people are sick of hearing about it." Thanks Amy - we sent Jon Cleary's 'Pin Your Spin' and Ashley Davies 'Muscle Drum Music'
Emil St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia Emil joined the Dawgr's and took a copy of the Liz Stringer CD 'Soon' and Jeff Lang's 'You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy'. Thanks Emil!
Dave Kameyama City, Japan Dave got the swamp dawgs Fats Wah Wah CD 'LIVE" as soon as he could. And Liz Stringer's fabulous 'Soon'. Nice one Dave!
Cydney Ocala, Florida, USA Cydney was so kind and insisted we only provide one CD. Still thinkin bout which one!!! Ah yes, Timo Gross 'Travellin' What a gem.
Andrew Townsville, Far North Queensland, Australia Andrew took the plunge and got a copy of Matt Dwyer's 'Who Loves Ya' and Liz Stringer's CD 'Soon'.
Deb Karratha, Western Australia, Australia
Deb did it! We sent out Mia Dyson's fabulous CD 'Struck Down' and Matt Dwyer's award winning 'Who Loves Ya'
Robert Paradise, South Australia, Australia Robert received a copy of Mia Dyson's new CD '"Struck Down" and Liz Stringer's "Soon"
Adam Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Adam took the bribe and received a copy of Jack Howard's 'My Lucky Day' and Ashley Davies's 'Muscle Drum Music'
Alexander San Francisco Bay Area, USA Alexander received a copy of Jeff Lang's "You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy" and Jordie Lane's "Lover's Ride"
Nick Kyotanabe, Kyoto, Japan Nick received a copy of Bill Jackson's "Diggin The Roots" and Matt Dwyer's "Who Loves Ya" (personally signed!)
Kevin Boerne, Texas, USA Kevin received a copy of Bill Jackson's "Diggin The Roots" and Matt Dwyer's "Who Loves Ya" (personally signed!)

and Mary

Mckinleyville, California, USA
Steve and Mary received a copy of Jordie Lane's "'Lover's Ride" and Timo Gross's "Travellin"
Matthew and Blythe Weipa, Queensland, Australia Matthew and Blythe received a copy of Timo Gross "Travellin" and Bill Jackson "Diggin the Roots"

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