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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 August 11, 11:32am Melbourne, Australia Time

Ullana from Epping, Vic says:
"Saved a dollar a week for a year & subscribed & ANY of the following will be my bribe: Eric Claptons Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010, Sean Taylor's Walk with me, Jo Kelly Stephenson I see flowers you see cars, anything of Abbie Caldwell's, anything of the Bard Bob D's, any Blue Shaddy that might have just turned up. Hey I don't much mind Salty, your podcast gets me to work each day, and helps me refocus my day after knockoff... thanks."

John P says:

"Dear Mr. Dog,

It's been a few years but fortunately an iPod never forgets and a few hours revelling in your unique mix of music, extrovert commentating and just bloody good fun and I'm back to downloading your podcasts again.

Not sure if you're still doing it, but one of my favourites was the karaoki spot but just WHAT are you singing along to? I've been searching for a while but can't figure it out.

Thank you for bringing your unique brand of astounding^H^H^H^H^H^H^H outstanding music and entertainment to our little desert world here in Dubai."
Salty says: that's Teddy Morgan, "Full Grown Man"

Andrew Kruger says:
"Just back from riding to Canberra for the 45th National Folk Festival. Fiona Boyes was awesome!! Blues n Roots introduced her to me. thanks"

Larry Drell says:
"great great music, thanks for playing the best, just joined last week but don't think sent email, would love Eric Clapton "Crossroads" and Mavis Staples "You are not alone" Thanks"

Peter Lumb says:
"Could you please send cds of Bob Dylan "Best of original mono recordings" and Mavis Staples "You are not alone" Cheers for great show each week."

Carl Wyatt says (about TRIGGER):
"Your "Trigger Show" just blew my mind!!! Excellent stuff!!!"

Gazz Tee says (about CUSTOM):

"Hey Salty, "Custom" may have been a rushed podcast due to Byron Bay Blues, but my oh my, what some great tracks all the way through the programme. Another excellent delivery from the best "custom" built programme of Blues & Roots on the World Wide Web! Keep the faith"

Vera Hass says (about CUSTOM):
"I like your playlist very much. You are having the same taste I am having in music. Wish you a very fine week and lots of listeners.Greetings from Holland,hometown Groningen,Vera"

Steve Still says (about TRIGGER):
"Salty,just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed listening to this weeks Trigger podcast.You certainly put together some great tunes.Where would Jimmy Hendrix have gone musically,had he lived longer? Enjoy Byron Bay."

Ian Warren says:
"Found your site, uber cool! I've tagged it as a favourite. Loved the pics from Thredbo, I've been twice to the blues fest there."

Laith Al-Saadi says:
"Hey Dennis! Thanks for adding me as a friend. I really enjoyed your podcast... great mix of music! If I am fortunate enough to get played again on your show... I wanted to let you know how to say my name. I'll type it phonetically but I will also attach a video with a little interview at the beginning so you can hear it (if you like). In any case, thanks so much for the support! It is an honor to know that I'm being played down under! "

Chillblain at Noosa Community Radio says:
"Avid listener to your podcast show each week whilst we are working in our office. I do a weekly blues radio prog up here on Sunshine Coast Qld called 'Chillblains Blues' on Noosa Community Radio. Just heard you will be at Bluesfest, so will we again. What a line up! Hope to catch up with ya"


Matt Michael says:

"Hi Salty, Just started listening to your Podcast at the beginning of the year. Nice work! I've been listening to U.S. blues and country for most my life and you've really opened my ears to what Australia has to offer. Just wanted to drop a note and say Thanks. And keep up the good work. Matt"

Karen Freeman says:
"I found a great blues artist based in England, but from Italy named Blues Joe X. He plays a mean guitar and his vocals are great. I'd love to hear you play something from the selection on his website. Thanks! :) Karen"

Kaye Keating Cork City Ireland says:
"Hey Salty, Check out the CD "Mayhem" by Imelda May, well worth a listen! Myself and my partner TC listen to you every Saturday...Love the show"

Larry Drell says:

"i am in wash dc
discovered you last night
unbelieveable selections
so much i never would have heard
thank you

i will be subscribing this weekend
but i have question; what are the 2 songs
that you start the show off with each time
the digeredo and the unbelieveable uptempo swing (?)number
thanks again...."
Ed: "Thanks Larry - the Digeredo is David Hudson, and breaks into Roy Rogers ' Avalanche' on slide. Cheers!"


Stewart MacLennan says:
"Hi Salty, Greetings form Paris where we're loving your podcasts!"

Becky Tate says:
"Thanks for the Babajack air play salty dog , Great show you got going on . X"

Steve Iorio says:
Merry Christmas season Salty, (belated) and have a great new year with all the windfall profits of the hard work you have sown. www.facebook.com/thevagrants You do a great job!!!"

Carl Whyatt says (about MAGNETIC):
"Amazing show this week!! Cheers mate... and a good 2011 to you!"

Stewart Anderson says:

"Hey great show - I've been away away a while. Great to be back. Just signed up again - could I have a copy of 'On The Soul Side' - Robert Susz's Continental Blues Party and Abbie Cardwell And Her Leading Men "The Bare Bones Sessions""

Micky McFall says:
" love your podcast and I tell all my mates to check it out Great stuff! Mary got me the subscriber bribe for my birthday that was the best. Here are my silections - Ben Rogers -" Instrumentally Disturbed " - Sean Taylors - "Walk with me" - Or Pete Cornelius "Tumbleweed" If the others are gone."

Two Buck Chuck says:
" Hey Salty - here in the US of A (Jersey) praying for all you Aussies and hope the cyclone weakens before it hits, good luck down there."

Tiny John Hutchins says:
"Love ya mate, some of the best Blue's on the Net, I just cannot get enough. I did the Subscribe bit tonight and enter my PayPal info and never got back to complete me details for the Subscription, so here they are plus would love to get the new Buddy Guy "Living Proof" if your got any left. Happy to take any other you like to send hopefully some new Oz Blues stuff would be good."

Doug Hingst says:

"hey salty, another year as paypal just emailed me my subscription notification to you thanks for great show i wouldn't mind the anne mccue and sean taylor (walk with me) - reserve chuck prophet , thanks again"

Max Marcum says:
"Hey Salty... listen to your podcast while working nites. what a sight to see this old guy groovin around the shop.A privlege to send in my subscription. Ill take you up on your bribe. hows Buddy Guy and Sean Taylor sound? Yep.. sounds good to me too"

Jazz Blues Flordia says (about WIKIBLUES):
"Killer cuts Salty! Don't worry - I'll only share on a need-to-know basis!"

Texas Jake Lee says (about WIKIBLUES):
"Thank you Salty! A great show! Happy Holidays!"

Red-Top Gazza tee says (about WIKIBLUES):
"Hey Salty, yet another sublime show - Wikiblues. Great to hear the Little Feet track. Where do you get these lovely old tracks my man. Brilliant. Thank you for warming up a very cold and frosty day here in England with your excellent show. long may it continue....."

Mark Johnstone says:
" Hi salty Yeah thanks mate I got the CD’s and they arrived in good time. Your show has also been responsible for me acquiring others as well.Lloyds garage. Anne mccue. Sweet baby James. (with a bottle neck slide) Alejandro Escovedo. And a few others I’m trying to track down. So congrats on promoting good music in a sea of shit, and thanks again for the CD’s."

Stewart MacL says:
"Hi Salty. Happened upon you this morning and love the show - an old one from 2008. We are on a boat tied up in the middle of Paris for the winter and you warmed us up. 2 degrees outside. Leave it to you to selecta couple of your CDs - but not Bob. we have way too many of his already for my wife's liking! Love him but, love my wife more!"

Ross Jackson says (about Bill Jackson interview):
"Thanks for supporting Bill Salty, we are all working hard to get his work out there and your exposure is much valued."

John Lobegeiger says:
"Hey Young Salty, Just subscribed for the 3rd year and very happy to do so! Just been to Caloundra Blues Fest and had a great time. Marshall & the Fro really impressed me. So much live music here on the Sunshine Coast.Hey, can I ask for Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Spread The Love and Watermelon Slim - Ringers as my bribe. Just bought Steve Earl's Jeruselum - great great stuff. Thanks for the music. My tv doesnt get switched on much anymore."

Don York says:
"Hey Salty, luv the show. Probably one of the best Blues 'casts on the net. By now you should have received my PayPal subscription, my pleasure."

Tracey Welch says:
"Hi salty, love your show, Kara Grainger,Karl Broadie or Jack Howard please"

Carl Sanders says:
"Hey Salty; Great Shows every week--keep up the good work. Just wish these Aussie musicians made buying there music easier for us folks in the U.S. Very hard to get most of the music you play from them. Anyway, enough rambling--send me Pete Cornelius's "Tumbleweed" and Sean Taylor's "Walk with Me". Thanks Salty"

Yosemite Gazza Tee says (about LEVER):
"As a regular listener in the UK (via Radio Port Douglas) can I say what a great show you run from Melbs. Excellent stuff. The Lever show last week was one of the best. What a great opener those first three tracks were? The rest was equally as splendid. Thanks! Will listen to the Crunch later today. Love your work. Keep the faith, Gazza"

Excellent interview! says (about THE PUSH w. Watermelon Slim):
"Great mix of the music and the words - interesting music and person! Too bad he is considering the position in France... we need more people like here in the states!"

Andrew Kruger says ''worth the subscription and more'':
"Hi Salty, Just done picking up my latest Ducati 996 ST4S in Brisbane and rode it back to Melbourne. Guess what I listened to all the way over four days on the road? Blues n Roots podcasts back to back on my Creative Zen MX. I met singer, songwriter, musician and chief Woodford pyrotechnician Paul Lawler up in Maleny, Queensland, and bought an album from him called A Taste of Good Music. It's sensational. 10 tracks, each a recipe, set to different genres of music. Chendie's Meatloaf Blues is stunning. All written and arranged by him. he plays a mean guitar too, a converted AK47 which he calls his "weapon of mass destruction". Gotta laugh. Keep up the great work."

Charlie Boyer says:
"Salty, we just GOTTA get you over here to FLORIDA to tour some clubs with our semi-pro listener group so can hear these great Florida artists in person that you play on your show, including Damon Fowler, JJ Grey, Albert Castiglia, The Nouveaux Honkies, JP Soars, et al...If we got 100 Floridians to pony-up for your $50 bribe, would that be enough to get you here? Thanks for all the work you do each week in getting your show together!"

Gerhard Peter says:
"Hey Salty, Thanks for your excellent show. Enjoying it already for years! Regarding your "subscriber bribe", I'd just enjoy any two CDs from your pile, if you don't mind. Thanks again for your show and keep it up!"

Charlie at JazzBlues Florida says (about STANDOFF):
"Salty.. you really out-did yourself with STANDOFF. So much vibe, I am going to spin the whole podcast a bunch of times!"

Lloyd's Garage says (about STANDOFF):
"Salty - thanks for spinning No Victim. Someday we WILL find ourselves in Australia and hope to shake your hand."

Mark Johnstone says:
" Hey salty i been listening to you for too long for free so have decided to take the bribe ( via paypal), great show mate, now can i have my 2 cd's Sean Taylor's 'Walk With Me' and Nick Barker's latest CD 'Black Water Blues, thanks mate keek up the good work."


Darren Moore says:
"Heh there Salty, love ya show mate, AWESOME work you do!!!
Just giving you a heads up about a new band thats been put together over the last 6 months here in the Snowy Mountains area of NSW. They are based in the Cooma area. The Barstars
Have just released their first album 2 weeks ago at Jindabyne Bowling Club and i got there a little late and they had sold all 300 of their Cd's."

Roger Frey says:
"If you like blues check this podcast out. I'v discovered a lot of good artist here"

LuLu says (about RACHET):
"I'm glad to see the Aussie's have discovered Lloyd's Garage. I love them, pretty sure they are based in Napa, California. I recommend the whole album, it's on heavy rotation in our house."

Chrysti Walters (from http://www.platform-1.com/) says:

"Hey Salty, thank you very much for the link to your podcast. Lloyds Garage sounded great next to the other songs selected on your show. We greatly appreciate the time and effort you put into this, and if you're interested, we'd love to continue sending you music from some of our artists. Thank you very much again your work has been an enormous gift!"

Charles Boyer says:
"Salty! Thanks for saving me hours & hours every week searching for the BEST blues n roots cuts to listen to! Best!"

Doug Harker says:
"still listenin goin' on 6 years!!"

Terri Lopez (Ariel Publicity NYC) says:
"I've really enjoyed listening to your podcast! I love the mix of tracks and interviews which gives your podcast a lot of depth. I can also honestly say since I've been learning more and more about the blues, I'm discovering how much I really like what the Australian blues artists have to offer. I think there is a little more modern reverence for the Blues in Australia and Europe than here in the states and it results in some great artists coming from those places. Lloyd Spiegel was a great choice for a guest!"

Charles Boyer says:
"Welcome back from where ever you were! Thanks for all you do to get these shows together - nobody does it better!"

Andrew says:
"Hey Salty, as you know I re-subscribed this year and you sent me Calcutta Grove and Joe Henry's CD. Now you tell me you got Sean Taylor new CD!!! How do I bribe YOU for a copy??? Please, cobber, he's one cool dude!!! I promise to re-subscribe next year; I really do!!"

JazzBluesFlorida says (about PONY UP!):

"Lucinda is the new Bob Dylan. And don't you forget it, or even question it...."

Jed says (about PONY UP!):
"Joe Louis Walker , off to a great start, yeah lovin it"

Trevor Steger says (about STRIKE):
"Hey Salty , got any Babajack ? WWW.babajack.com Great play list you have there! Cheers Trev"

Ray Stitt says:
"Hey Salty, Really enjoy your show. Love listening to your podcast on my mp3 player while I work. Learned a lot about Australian artists and met some of them and heard them play live after getting to know them on your show (Sugarcane Collins, Backsliders, Ian Collard, Fiona Boyes) who all played at the Bridgetown Blues Festival in SW WA last year. Lookng forward to hearing more artists. I also own a British hand built sportscar called a TVR. One of their models is a Chimaera (Chim eera), similar name to Jeff Laings(?) cd Chimaeradoor (pronounced Chim eera door. I smiled when you have to pronounce it in earlier shows. Anyway, love the show mate, your selections and the work you put into producing it. Thanks Salty. Your show is an Australian Institution !! I paid my subscription today."

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 02 October 2012 )
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