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Check out what people are saying about Salty Dog blues n roots...

Brent, Edmonton, Canada   I first heard Fiona Boyes courtesy of you, so I thought I'd let you know Australia's latest great import absolutely ripped it up at the Edmonton (Canada) festival on the weekend. Her album doesn't even begin to showcase the big husky voice and the guitar playing was astounding. She shared the stage with Watermelon Slim for a couple of songs. Guess how good that was! I'm including a picture, not a very good one I'm afraid. My 11-year- old braved the dance floor and did her best.
Fiona Boyes Edmonton Canada August 2007
Fiona Boyes Edmonton Canada August 2007
Dave, Canada   Hello from Canada. I just discovered your podcasts and love your show - great variety and lots of emphasis on talent from Oz. Thanks for giving us the blues ('n' roots) mate, and please keep up the great work! Ed. Dave also pointed out that sometimes our audio levels are too high and not as sweet on the ears as it should be. Thanks Dave, we'll fix that!
Tom, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, USA   I want to take the time to acknowledge that I appreciate your excellent program that I listen to by podcast. It consistently offers a good choice of music mixed with melodic, if not entertaining and informative, commentary. Importantly, owing to variety, one does not get jaded by listening over time. As it is well done, I, and I am sure others, greatly enjoy it. You should be complimented as it is well-deserved.
Bob, St. Paul, MN USA   Great show Salty. I love hearing the local stuff from Oz that we don't get here. The only problem is you hear it and then can't find it at the local store. I'd love to hear more from Dana Immanuel if she puts out anything new. Keep us up to speed :)
Larry Hannah
Edmonton, Canada
  How are you mate? I wanted to comment about 2 groups I heard on this podcast that I really en-joyed. Soul Risin has a really fabulous sound with an excellent lead singer! Would love to hear more of them on your show. Also liked that hard rockin' blues song by the Detonators. The more I hear from the Aussie blues scene, the more I like it. Thanks for your weekly e-mail in-forming me of your up-coming show.
Parrothead Bob, Port Douglas, Australia   Hey mate it’s the Parrothead here, once again great shit as always
Rick Heid, musicworld3d.com   Just stopping by to see your site and dig on some "real" blues.
The Voodoo Crew, Friends and Fans of
Graham Wood Drout & IKO IKO, Florida, USA
  We are all really enjoying your show! Thanks for getting "los dos Ikos" in there, too. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive around the world!
Larry Hannah
Edmonton, Canada
  Good day from frozen Canada mate! Man it's cold here at the moment. You're so lucky you live in the tropics. Anyway, I really enjoyed cuts 18 - 21 on this show. Best song yet that I've heard from Geoff Achison. Does he write his own stuff?
Great bluesy voice and a very tight band. Keep on playing more of him in the future, please. Root Doctor really is a throwbck to old R&B bands
from years ago, which I love! Fabulous song.
The lead singer from Bucksworth really reminds me of Mick Jagger, for some reason. Regardless,
I really like their sound. Great song from Matt Murphy also. Keep on doin' what you're doin'!
Doug Harker, Pittsburg, United States   Hope you and yours and all "Down Under" have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year full of great Blues and Roots! It's been a while since we chatted but i haven't been sad due to your great podcasts, thanks.
Dave Yon, Japan   keep up the podcasts mate. I really enjoy them.
Jenn, Gold Coast, Australia   I luv you Salty.......U rock for givin' us Barry Charles.......Jenn
Gary, United States   I'm running a couple of months behind on your podcasts, but I'm in no hurry to catch up because you're playin' some great music and I like to take my time to appreciate it. Tonight, on my drive home, I was listening to a podcast from October that finished with Bryan Lee's "Kiss my ass for a change". (Can't we all relate to that riff!) I looked him up on iTunes and found he as three albums and some great music. Thanks for turning me on to Lee. Keep up the great podcasts. I've gotta come down to Port Douglas for vacation some time. I looked Port Douglas up on Google Earth. I looks like Margaritaville for the Southern Hemisphere. Someplace I've got to visit before I take a dirtnap.
Zero Degrees and Falling, Canberra,
  Keep up the awesome work!
Punk Empire Videozine, Montreal, Quebec
  We sure do support roots music ! My girlfriend and i go to the wheel club in Montreal on mondays. It's the hillbilly night since 1966 with Bob Fuller. Folk/Blues/Country
The Strange Tones, Portland, Oregon
United States
  Sounds great...cool show!
Ryder Band, Melbourne, Australia   Hey Salty, loving the show.
Right On John, Portland, Oregon, United States   Hey, thanks for the link to the podcast. I enjoyed it very muchly. I think we have exactly the same taste in music. I'll be listening fo' sho'.
The Divine Miss White, Australia   The name Salty Blues is an apt description for The Blues... nice!
Alex cebe, Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil   Really great artists on the latest podcast BEAT BOX ! Cool .
James Hurley, Moorpark, California, United States   Hey Salty,
what great artists you have on your page, I'm proud to be included!
All the best from L.A.!
Bucksworth, sInland Empire, California
United States
  hey there Salty. thanks a million bucks for the spins on yer radio show.
it means a lot to a lil' band from the desert. all the best with all ya do - m bucks
Shannon Bourne, Melbourne, Australia   Hey Salty!! did u dig sunday? Bill alerted me to your presence...after u had left!! I would have slung u a disc!! Lets talk soon.
Shannon B.
Betr, Scotland,
United Kingdom
  cool cool hows it all going
Tim, San Jose, California, United States   I'll add you to my list of recommended podcasts.
Ron LaSalle, Nashville, USA   Hey there Salty, I love that podcast. Ron LaSalle
all it needs is some of my stuff lol
Laura Lockie & Charles King, Alpharetta, Georgia, United States   Enjoying the Podcast. Chris Whitley is a big influence on us, you should check out a song we wrote for him. Keep it real! Laura
Big Red and the Soul Benders, Moutain Home, Arkansas
United States
  Hey Salty!
Thanks for keepin the blues alive in Aussy.
Big Red
The Rick Ray Band, Cleveland, Ohio, United States   Very cool Salty Dog!!!
Tad, Roanoke, Virginia, United States   Cool page and awesome podcast.
The Mother Truckers, Austin, Texas, United States   Hey Salty, We hope to come down under soon! When we do, come on out and knock one back with us
Fink, Melbourne, Australia   keep up teh good work and you never know, we may have a beer with you up at teh blues n roots if your gonna head up...
2BuckChuck, South Orange, New Jersey
United States
  hey Salty - thanks for turning me on to Lloyd Spiegel. I just picked up Timber & Steel on iTunes. What an amazing talent. You sure do have a lot of great players down in the land of Oz. I think I'm gonna move there!
Alex Colvin, Burney, California
United States
  Cool thing you are doing. Nice to be linked up. I'm putting you in my favorites.
AmericanaOK, LeithFM, Scotland
United Kingdom
  Thanks for the add, good work - if you get a chance check out the show.
Stephanie Richards, Los Angeles, USA   Happy New Year Salty!
Adam Douglass, Somerville, Massachusetts,
United States
  Very cool page!
Theresa, Altanta, Georgia, USA   "I Just Wanna Be Your Salty Dog" lol
Thanks for including me in your circle of friends
Van Preston, Nashville, USA   I'm coming to your neck of the woods this year!! can't wait!!
Greg Nagy,
Guitar, Root Doctor
  Thanks for spins in 2006! Hope your 2007 is the best ever!
Tam, Canada   Salty Dog Rules!!!
Bert Deivert, Karlstad,
  Keep bluesin' Salty!!!
Mike Dollins Band, Benton, Arkansas,
United States
  Looking Good and Sounding Great!
Peace through Blues & Jazz.
Little Thum-Purr, California, USA   Oh yeah, I'm likin' those tunes! Great stuff!
Greg Nagy,
Guitar, Root Doctor
  I am diggin this Rory Ellis! Great stuff.
compo10.com, Finland   Great podcast. Do you only accept Australian artists for it?
Luke Spekes, Fats Wah Wah, Melbourne Australia   thanks for coming along to the Rainbow to groove with Fats wah wah... all the best for '07
Becky, Virginia, USA   Good Stuff Salty, Great Blues & Nice Mix Um Up ! Smooth Play ,no glitches!!
Passing Your Page Around MS & word of mouth. Take Care Now,,,Becky
Ron LaSalle, Nashville, USA   Thank you so much for adding my music to your latest Podcast
Roger Frey, Pensacola, USA   Down here in pensacola,fl it's hurricanes, crap on the radio, but I got my killer blues Podcast's and this is one of them thanks for all the great blues Salty. YOU ROCK!
Garret, Las Vegas, USA   Ever jump in a cab and ask the driver to take you some place where the locals go, someplace cool, someplace off the beaten path, and it was the best night you ever had?

Well Blues n Roots from the Swing Shift is the Journey and Salty is that crazy cab driver who'll show you more than you thought you knew and more than you ever expect.

Thanx, Salty for bringing us the Blues.
Rick Butland, New Brunswick, Canada   good stuff
Noti, Stuttgart, Germany   Hey hey, the Blues is alright! Great show.
Steve, Ruby, USA   I have 17 shows in one playlist on iTunes, plays all day long!!
Stefan (The Dude), Baden-Wurttemberg, germany   Great show every time - hey hey - the blues is alright
Joe Baranski, Trenton, Canada   Anytime damn time, if you don't mind!
Andre Smeets, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Yes!
Greg Paprocki, Stoke-on-Trent, UK   great podcast,keep em coming Salty
Al Teztlaff, Austin, USA   Great listening to Australian Blues Radio!
Raymund, Saudia Arabia   I am new listener of your podcast here in Saudi Arabia. I love blues music and i really enjoyed listening to it. Keep it up and more power to you.
Jimmy Carlyle, Shetland Islands   Still loving the show, which is a must listen for me every week.
Darko, Crotia   best wishes from cold Europe, keep up doin' the best blues and country alt. program,
Douglas Harker, Pittsburgh, USA   Hey Salty Dog, love the Podcasts, keep up the good work! Look forward to the new one's every week. Would sure like to visit the "Shire".
Rick Heid   Just stopping by to see your site and dig on some "real" blues.
Larry Hannah, Edmonton, Canada   Keep on doin' what you're doin'!
Fats Wah Wah, Melbourne, Australia   Didn't even know your show existed, and you play all my favorites. Love the look of your site. I will be telling my blues and roots loving friends about you.
Emy, Netherlands   Great station i put it to my favorits
Jon Davis, Kyoto, Japan   What a shame there is not enough time to listen to all the great music in this world.
Bill Jackson, Melbourne , Australia   Listening to the podcast now - very cool..
Mike Dollins Band, Benton, Arkansas   Looking Good and Sounding Great!
Keep on jammin’ them blues.
Rocks From The Garden, Upstate, New York   I hope many of our friends visit you! Have a beautiful, music filled night! Love and peace:
Root Doctor Band, Michigan, USA   Thank you for spinning the Root Doctor tunes. I just got ANOTHER message from an excited listener of yours. DUDE, you are becoming quite well known. Too Cool!

Major kudos!
Anthony Michaels, Indiana,
  Hey Salty!! Thanks so much for being a friend, and for taking the time to listen to my music It means so much to me---- that there is wonderful people out there like you.. That make it possible for this music to have it's place... Thanks so much!!! : and please keep in touch..
Wind Cries Mary Band, Maryland, USA   Thanks Salty. I love what you're doing.
Dewey, Georgia, USA   Excellent podcast you've got going there - be sure and post a couple of my songs - I'm sure you're getting lots of requests....LOL.
Vasco, Belgium   Hi Salty, great show! #1 in Google, that's something! Thanks for the add and keep up the good work.
My Big Friend Band, Melbourne, Australia   Seems like a cool thing you've got going on here.
Larry Van Loon, Nashville, USA   Delighted to be finding out more and more about the blues scene downunder lately... Why, in fact I just learned the term 'pearler'. Stay cool and spanks a-million..
Jennifer Berdetta, New Jersey, USA   Keep me posted on what's happening w/you!
It all sounds great!!! ;-)
Lil Nikki, California, USA   Your music is awesome. Keep up the good work.
2Buck Chuck, New Jersey, USA   hey Salty - ahh, just saying hello from the US of A to aahhh Salty Dog Bloooze and ahh Roootz - the best podcast from the land of of ahhhh Auz, or anywhere-ah in the World! Ye-ahh, keep up the good work.
Twilight Hotel Band, Winnipeg, Canada   Good on you for promoting blues and roots music.
Brett Mikels, California, USA   Consiering the amazing company here on your profile, I'm truly flattered to be included...

Hope all is well in that AMAZING country of yours....
Grey Nagy, Michigan, USA   Hey Salty,
I just got some excited emails:
"Salty is playing you guys!!" "Dude you are on Salty's podcast.." :)
I felt it was an honor getting spun just based on how cool your program is. Had no idea, how popular it is becoming! Keep up the great work brother!
Scott Mellis, Australia   Thanks for the finding me guys!
love your work!!
The Copperheads, Minnesota, USA   thanks very much for spinning our tune. thanks also for crediting our band members. they appreciated that. great show you have. we're proud to be a part of it.
Nathan Wade, Seattle, USA   your support of roots music is much appreciated!
Detroit Jazz Stage, Detroit, USA   I am so glad to have hooked up with you guys. Our podcasts should have known each other long ago. I am enjoying and listening right now.
Root Doctor Band, Michigan, USA   Thanks for the add Salty, and for spinning the Root Doctor cd on your podcast. Is spinnin the right word? ;)

Whatever, to be included on your broadcasts is a wonderful honor as you seem to spin only the best! Dig the show.
Roppongi's Ace, Florida, USA   thanks for the request salty! we like what you're doing here.
Hangface Band, Norway   Love your initiative and devotion to the blues!
Timo Gross, Heidelberg, Germany   thanks for the support and the review on cd baby!!!
Beathe Keyler, Bergen, Norway   Just had to visit your site and have a listen!
Bobtje, Belgium   ... keep up the good work!
Mike Glendinning, California, USA   Its a cool thing you have going on here!
Lucy Katz, Yorkshire, UK   thanks for the info guys i love the last one
Terrie Long, Nashville, USA   Very cool stuff ya got on here! Keep on keepin' on!
Susie, Alabama, USA   You've had some really great lineups on the broadcasts. Keep up the excellent work.
Jo Blues Band, Dusseldorf, Germany   keep on bluesin'
Kate, Melbourne, Australia   i've never been a big podcast user but i've subscribed without a second thought. i'll be listening each week. keep up the good work!!
Amanda Mosher, Santa Monica, USA   Hats off to Salty and Salty Dog for promotin the GOOOOOD stuff =)
Suzie, Florida, USA   What A "Cool Beans" Site!!!! Thanks So Much For The Invite! You Made My Day! I'd Love To Stay Here All Day, But I've Gotta Go To Work. I'll Be Back Later. Life Without The "BLUES", Just Wouldn't Be Fair!
Merla Band, Doncaster, UK   It was an honour to be part of the podcast, we really enjoyed the playlist and will be listening regularly now, well done guys!
Rosetta Pebble, Michigan, USA   Great use of the podcast medium. Nice job mates!
Harald Thune, Oslo, Norway   SOUNDING GOOD!
Jeff Sheppard, Melbourne, Australia   Great to see you supporting local bands with your podcast. Thanks very much for the friend request always nice meeting others from Melbourne :-)
Voodoo Crew, Florida, USA   Thanks for the plays and for supporting the soul of the musicians, SD!

Stop by and see us sometime - I hope that we can do the same at some point. You are The Man!
Matt Ellis, California, USA   Hey thanks for the spin man.
Ann-Marita, Melbourne, Australia   Thanks for supporting the blues'n'roots scene here in Melb....!
Lori Franke, Illinois, USA   Hey there Salty! Thanks so much for the friend request; I'm so flattered. I so love to hear from those across the world from me. I hope the weather's great where you are:)! I, too, am so thankful for people like you who promote music. Good for you! I certainly thank you for that! I love to hear music from all over, so thanks for bringing that to the forefront. I wish you the very best, take care of yourself, be safe, and God Bless.
Canadian Music Rocks, Ontario, Canada   Hello from Canada. It's always nice to meet other people that promote the bands. There is some great music coming out of Australia, for sure. Keep up the great work!
Rather Rock, California, USA   Great Music playing on your Site.
Cassandra Kubinski, New York, USA   Love them blues.
Carolyna Loveless, British Columbia, Canada   Loving the new podcast!
Round and round as i work.
Simon Imrei Band, Melbourne, Australia   Awesome. I cant believe you record the show in Elwood and it plays in QLD. Nice.
Secondhand Records, Brisbane, Australia   Nice thing you're doing here!
The O'Byrnes, Texas, USA   Salty! Just heard the podcast - really, really wonderful stuff, thanks so much for including us!
2Buck Chuck, New Jersey, USA   Hey Salty - hello from the States! You have a great podcast mate, keep up the good work. You Aussies really know your blues and roots music!
Susie, Alabama, USA   Thanks so much, Salty. I would've stopped by sooner, but I partied real nice! Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. And congrats on the iTunes!
The Copperheads Band, Minnesota, USA   Hey Salty, thanks much for the add. You have a great page & great podcast.
Cool-Tone, Boston, USA   Streaming now, great stuff! I NEVER heard blues didgeridoo before, who knew!!?? And you're leading off with my buddy Jake Labotz, very cool! Happy to meet you here, and will definitely stay tuned!
Carolyna Loveless, British Columbia, Canada   Listening to the new 'Jive' Podcast. Great sounds!
Alex Cebe, Sao Paulo, Brazil   Be sure I'll check 'JIVE' later and more relaxing ..

Cool profile here !
Ganelle Djarlo, Illinois, USA   Great stuff!
Shades of Blue, Cornwall, UK   Keep up the good work, keep blues live!!!!
Jim Weider, New York, USA   hello salty Dog, great stuff on the podcasts. very cool music & nice site!
Beathe Keyler, Bergen, Norway   Thanks for playing my music. Keep on bluesen the world! Lots of greetings from Norway!
Kathy Watson, Maryland, USA   Just wanted to thank you for finding me and tell you that your programming is terrific!
Linda Rose, New York, USA   I love meeting so many wonderful musicians, and avenues from around the world. Keep the blues alive and well!.
Blues 093 Band, Virginia, USA   We appreciate all you are doing for the Blues!!!!
Joel White, East Sussex, UK   hey i listened to some of your podcast it was cool i really liked the version of 'i gotta woman' it rocked

great stuff, anyway all the best
Nita Dunn, Tennesse, USA   ...I'm looking forward to listening to your podcast! Thanks, Nita
The Petty Bones, Louisiana, USA   Great show..hope all is well down under!
Rosa, Georgia, USA   It's awesome what you do to bring us the podcast show , so we can hear awesome blues and alt. country. Love it. Thanks again. Have a super week. Loves and Hugs.. You have some awesome bands on your shows.. Keep on Blussin. muahhh !!!!
Artie Tobia, New York, USA   Hey Salty... I dig the dog....
Beathe Keyler, Bergen, Norway   Thanks for playing my music! Really a great Show you`d got there.
Chris Juergensen, Tokyo, Japan   Thanks for playing me again Salty! Love your show.
Jake LaBotz, Hollywood, USA   If there was a long enough bridge I'd drive down there too! Cool podcasts by the way.
David Garcia, Madrid, Spain   Your waves from Port Douglas reach us here in the antipodes through the net, so keep on doing such a great job. Thanks for supporting the blues...:))
Fish Fry Bingo, Texas, USA   Love your stuff!
Every show, even if we only do one cover, it's Salty Dog Blues.
We do it very raw jug style; it's a fun song. Sometimes we play it two or three times in one show. Yep...
Night Jasmine, Adelaide, Australia   Hey bloke, looks like your playing some rad music. Keep up the good work!
Melody, Pennsylvania, USA   This is really cool what you do!
The Shinkickers Band, Perth, Australia   Keepin' it real!!!!
Indie Highway, Idaho, USA   Howdy Brother Salty...
We appreciate you spinning are artists. You have on hell of an ear for good music!
Back Roads Band, Maryland, USA   Good looking out there salty! I have enjoyed listening in to your sonic waves, thanks for taking a ride on the Back Roads....;)
Laura, Uruguay   Nice Site. Greetings from Uruguay

Graveyard Jackson, Florida, USA   Hya Salty... cool cool cool... gimme dem blues!!
Desert Highway Music, Los Angeles, USA   Greetings Salty! Looks like you're promoting some fine music. Take care, Ernest
Gemma Heaney, Ireland   Hey Salty... dig Rory too! you rock!much love Gem!
Bebe Blue, Washingtom, USA   great site! ... keep that music flowin'
Barry Brenner, California, USA   A Friend of The Blues is always a Friend of Mine!
Dina Regine, New York, USA   Thanks for keepin it 'February' in July. Cheers!
Brennon John, Pennsylvania, USA   Keep up the good work - you're making some great music available to the masses!!
el B, Texas, USA   Thanks for making my day go better with great tunes!
Bill J. Oliver, Pittsburgh, USA   Hello down there, Salty!!! Damn, y'all are way over yonder... ain't ya!!! I'm just starting to check out the artists you've posted here. Miss Dana I already know but I never heard Little Barrie before & they're both fuckin' great!!!
Jan James, Chicago, USA   Salty...thanks so much for playing me on your podcast. I don't think I've ever had any airplay in Australia before....thanks again!! Best, Jan
Doug Cox, Cumberland, Canada   Greetings from Canada and thanks for playing our music!
Don Gabbert, San Angelo, USA   Thanks for helping to keep the music alive. It's all blues.
Cat, Sydney, Australia   The Blues is alive down here in Oz, lovin' it!
Kieran Glasgow, Sydney, Australia   Doing a great thing Mr S Dog!
Tina Jones Band, Gabriola Island, Canada   It's great to see good folk like you keeping music alive and well. Yay!
Strayhorn, London, UK   Your podcasts look great and make us think of the time, years ago, when an Aussie friend used to send over tapes of a radio show called 'Nothing But The Blues'.
Lotte, London, UK   ...keep spreadin' the blues!
Van Preston, Austin, Texas, USA   Thanks so much for supporting my music! It is much appreciated!!
Bion's Bluesbeat, Las Vega, USA   Listening to your stream right now. Great bg while I cruise my space.
Ann Marita, Melbourne, Australia   There's a blues'n'roots podcast happening right here in Melbourne! Why, that's marvellous! Good on ya!
Breeze Kings, Atlanta, USA   Great sounds. Keep up the good work.
Luke Watt, Melbourne, Australia   keep up the good work mate
Dana Immanuel, London, UK   Sounds like you're doing some fine work there.
Ashley Stratfeld, Naples, USA   another jeff lang fan!
Steve Arvey, Chicago, USA   man great show!! I am listening to it here in darwin where I just woke up!! Just to Hendrix at the moment.

I am going to forward the site to my mailing list around the world so they can all here this great MP3 show. It was a great idea keeping the show on Line!!

thanks for featuring me as a artist!! Good Onya
John Rogers, Melbourne, Australia   Just listening to your program while I work - on a Sunday! Very happy with the Dr John stuff. Might go out and buy some.
Mike LaPlante, Windsor, Ontario   I love your show! It took me a bit of getting used to your delivery style, but now I've come to love it...it's very unique...for a white guy from Windsor, Ontario Canada.

I especially like your spotlights...the one on Little Walter was great, as was the Johnny Lang show. I still have a few archive shows to catch up on that I can't wait to listen to.
Al , Texas, USA   Being new to blues music, I saw your site after looking over "The Roadhouse" site and decided to give a listen. Great music! I assume you feature primarily Australian artists. I had no idea blues existed beyond the USA until I started listening to various podcasts.
Garret, Las Vegas, USA   Mr. Dog -
I have been listening to your weekly podcast here from the States for almost 8 or so months and i have to tell you THANK YOU for exposing me to some awesome music (I was looking for some podcast to keep me connected to OZ since i left there about a year and a half ago - visited for about 9 months).
Its the highlight of my week, driving a truck criss-cross across the United States. I like the show so much, that i decided to create a page for you on a site called Frappr... Anyway Salty, thanx again for all the tunes - i cant tell you how much music i have purchased from iTunes and Amazon because of your show.
Gremar, Perth, Australia  

salty thanks for the great show over there mate. love the show heaps. love the blues you play and a great selection.

Travis, Venice, California, USA   hey there salty dog,
I am a fan of your show. I am glad that podcasting exist because American radio is the worst. We are the land of the free advertizement. I am glad that you have put this show out there. I have spread the word about your show here. There is nothing better than sitting on the porch listening to your show and getting pissed.
Keep on bringing the good music and track that we have never heard before.
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