128 kbps v. 160 kbps

The Salty Dog Blues N Roots podcast is sent out every week at 160 kbps which gives acceptable audio quality for your iPod and computer playing. Trouble is, each show is around 140MB which takes a bit to download - but will only get better as the net speed improves and more people move to ADSL2 broadband or similiar.

So why am I ranting on about all this geek stuff. Well this week (04 Aug 2007) I tried a lower kpbs rate of 128 to reduce the size of the file to around 118MB. When I got the file on my iPod it sounded, well, crap! No sound stage definition, tinsel treble and no bottom end. As I said, crap.

Beatup 160 kbpsTo fix this, I've reloaded the show as a 160kpbs show - back to the normal quality. You can tell the 160 kbps version by the '160' in the bottom right hand corner of the podcast image. If you downloaded the BEATUP show in the first 14 hours after it was released and want the 160 kbps version, just delete from your computer and iPod and download again - the one on the site now is 160 kbps.

If ya got this far you'll be pleased to know we're stickin with 160 kbps from now on. 

Catch ya soon