Save Bandwidth and Stream

If you want to save bandwidth, or even listen on a dialup connection, then let me show you how.

Listen Now Pic Only!!Use the 'LISTEN NOW' button

On each podcast page you will see the purple 'Listen Now' button.

When you click this button, it streams a compressed (around 20MB) Flash format file that contains audio for the full two hour podcast each week.

That's about 120MB less than the MP3 podcast file!!!

That's it!

So if you want to listen on a slow connection, or save your bandwidth for other stuff - then just fire up the purple button 'Listen Now'

Go on - try it now!! (no, not the one above - that's just a pic!!)

See ya, Salty

By the way, I've tried it in a motel with 28.8 dialup and, yes, it works at that speed, and the sound quality is not bad. That's also why we don't 'stream' the MP3 file directly on the site - cause that's 140MB each time, so best leave that for downloaders who want to put it on the iPod or keep a copy on their hard drive.

If the 'Listen Now' purple button does not show in your brower, it means you need to install the free Adobe Flash player. Click here to get it from Adobe.