Blogger's rap!

Hey tone hounds, nice to see the blogger's gettin wid the Dawg!

Check out this entry from The G-Man on 16 Jan 2008 here .

"If you like blues, folk, blues-rock and related styles, I urge you to check out Salty's show. He plays great music and also features interviews with artists from Down Under or artists touring Australia. It's great music for road trips and air travel, as each show is 2-hours long and there's a new one every Saturday."

And this one from Satyen Vyas, Bangalore, India here.

" will never get tired of the whacky naughty Australian style of this one.."

Here's Jim givin the Dawg a serve !

"GEEZ I hate the way this guy talks...but he has some great tunes..."

And our mate Cameron Reilly has got it on the liver, well he may have a point. Check out the GDay World Blog here.

Check em out, leave a comment...