FAQ: Register VS Subscribe
Just to clear up the two alternatives tone hounds:

This means register on the site and have access to any 'Authorised User Only' content. Like live performances, pre release tracks/clips, artist video etc. You'll also get a personal email weekly with updates and information on the latest show.

Cost: FREE

To register click here: Register with Salty

This means you support the show with a Paypal subscription of $1 per week. When you subscribe you can chose two (2) CD's from the available stock (which is updated regularly), and get Salty Dog Blues N Roots stickers, a wall poster n stuff.

Cost: $52 per year ($1 per week)

Use your credit card through the secure and industry standard Paypal. You can sign up for a Paypal account at any time if you don't have one. We use it all the time - it's a gas!

If you Subscribe, you will also be Registered, if you haven't done so already.

To subscribe click here: Support Salty

Easy as Dawgr's
6 July 2010